Scripto Schola

With letter recognition and the ability to record your own letters! (Recognition works only with Android 2.2 and above, lower versions will start the free mode).

This is the full version with an extra font and no ads.
Learn to write all the alphabet letters. Change the font color, erase mistakes or just start over. Complete all the ABC letters. Let the app recognize all the different letters.
You can record an audio sample for each letter. You record the letter itself or anything else like a word that begins with the selected letter. Your kid will love to hear your own voice!
All in an intuitive way.
Learn to write the ABC.
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The app it optimized for different screensizes, but is primarily meant and developed for tablets.
Access to the sdcard is needed for some temporary data. If the app is closed the data will be (off course) removed.
Have fun and please provide me with some feedback and stars ;-) !
Tags: alphabet, abc, children, write, letters, game, recognize, ABC, write, toddler, learn, audio, record letters, play letters, talking, talk
Uses the Tesseract 3.01 OCR engine.